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Comme les cinq doigts de la main ()

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One of five brothers, raised by a widowed mother, reunites with his family whom he had left years before. Chased by a gang of smugglers, he reveals a secret. The five of them will gather the energy to defend themselves and the means to avenge the memory of their murdered father. (allocine.fr)

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Date User Score
Oct 15, 2016 angela79at
60 56%
Jul 31, 2015 GRouleau
66 28%
Aug 31, 2014 Alargile
52 33%
Jul 29, 2013 Delek
95 82%
Jul 12, 2013 lostinlodos
40 10%
Feb 22, 2013 laedri
40 39%
Aug 02, 2012 Allocine Allocine
56 25%
Jun 24, 2012 Leo_Pard Leo Pard
35 4%
Sep 13, 2011 imdb imdb
42 8%
May 06, 2011 fredericg54 frederic_g54
4 15%
Arcady's storytelling ability should have improved after 15 films, oversimplifying traditional aspects and rites of the jewish religion which is not as lacerating as it is laughable. Subplots are poorly explored and ignored at the drop of a hat and Bruel's machismo did little to improve the overall experience. In other words, a poorly directed movie for people who are easily entertained.
Average Percentile 30% from 10 Rankings rss