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Das Tagebuch des Dr. Hart ()

Das Tagebuch des Dr. Hart
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Dr. Robert Hart visits his friend Ursula von Hohenau in Saxony in July 1914. There he hears about the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia. He immediately returns to his home town where, just before mobilisation, he meets the Polish count Bransky and his daughter Jadwiga, the French Vicomte Latour and the Russian counsellor of embassy count Bronislaw Krascinsky. Bronislaw is madly in love with Jadwiga and jealous of Dr. Hart. After the outbreak of the war Dr. Hart works close to the Polish frontlines.

Cast and Information

Directed By: Paul Leni

Written By: Hans Brenner

Starring: K├Ąthe Haack, Dagny Servaes, Adolf Klein, Ernst Hofmann, Heinrich Schroth

Genre: Drama

Country: Germany

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