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Détruisez-vous (1969)

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Summary: Bard’s muse, the English fashion model Caroline de Bendern, plays a confused member of an agit-prop cell led by Alain Jouffroy, cast as a professor proselytizing revolution to a near empty classroom. Juliet Berto, who also appears in La Chinoise, is another member of the cadre but offers no sisterly love to de Bendern, who grows increasingly uncertain and fragile in light of all the militancy. (

Genre: Drama

Country: France

Directed By: Serge Bard

Starring: Juliet Berto, Caroline de Bendern, Olivier Mosset, Thierry Garrel

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Magmadiver Magmadiver
lisa_ii lisa-
the revolution itself is an authoritarian construct, and not just a gender-neutral one either, it has a pronoun, he, and as the woman nervously repeats his ideas, he questions her existence, laying bare the male-dominated nature of these idealistic student groups. well, that's my bloody theory regarding this impenetrable nonsense anyway. i enjoyed interpreting it through my own lens. and as we all know, "fucking light is better than fucking people".
Niska Niska
imdb imdb