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Fast Sofa

Drama, Adventure
1h 49m
This road picture follows a dope fiend named Rick, who believes his goal in life is to track down Ginger, a famous porn star who is currently staying in her Beverly Hills hideaway. Rick is obsessed with Ginger, watches her movies obsessively, and deals drugs on the side, all to the chagrin of his lover Tamara. He decides to seek out Ginger via the road, and along the way picks up Jules, a neurotic, virginal type. (imdb)
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This movie did a bad job convincing me why a wide variety of women--ranging from generic waitress who enjoys watching porn with her jobless boyfriend, to 16-year-old bowling alley rat in an incestual relationship with her older brother, to washed-up porn star married to her sadistic producer--would bang a man as hideously ugly as Jake Busey. This movie did a bad job at a lot of things, but I got my dose of Crispin Craziness (tm) and got to see a man blow up a car with a crossbow, so all's good.
Wacko road trip movie with Jake Busey and Crispin Glover out to hook up with a porn star....and somewhere along the way it takes a strange turn into being about birds. Busey kinda sucks but Glover is riveting with his weirdness, and you gets lots of scenes of Jennifer Tilly talking dirty and generally acting like a ditzy slut. Plus she gets out her magnificent boobs. Lame ending ripped off from Easy Rider, though.
Don't watch it, own it. McFly is awesome as usual.
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