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Final Flesh

1h 11m
An anthology of short films commissioned from several custom fetish pornography companies, loosely structured around the dreams of a family living in the shadow of nuclear annihilation.
Director: Vernon Chatman
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Vernon Chatman, co-creator of Wonder Showzen, wrote an insane script which he then sent off to some porn production companies that make movies specifically for fetishists who want particular things. The result is this weird movie... it is good, but once you know how it was created, you start to imagine what you would write for them to do and you begin to get a little disappointed. Plus, no hardcore.
The stillbirth of a new genre, exploiting the fetish client-porn production relationship to create inadvertent art. Chatman used some good ideas from his bag of tricks, but it doesn't work with porn quite as well as Wonder Showzen worked to transcend the nature of children's shows and acting. Still, given the limitations of "directing" from a porn request form, and maybe just the profounder weirdness of porn, this ended up better than it should have.
If you went through the same process Vernon Chatman went through to get this movie made with the script of Pink Flamingos, i guarantee you you will get the exact same movie as Pink Flamingos. Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where you only watched famous films re-enacted by porn production companies that exclusively tailor to other people's desires
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Cast & Info

Genre: Sci-fi
Runtime: 1h 11m
Language: English
Country: USA

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