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Greener Mountains ()

Greener Mountains
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Greener Mountains is the coming of age story of JP Barton, an adopted boy raised on a throwback Vermont family resort. Since being found as an infant by the mercurial aging owner, JP has essentially never left the resort grounds. But with the arrival of a young, free spirited New York artist, Alice Flynn, his sheltered life is suddenly turned upside down. Her arrival, plus a convergence of events, propels JP on a bumpy ride of self-discovery. It's not until JP accepts who he is, that he realizes

Cast and Information

Directed By: Lee Shallat Chemel

Written By: Hector Hill

Starring: M. Emmet Walsh, Kevin Durand, Nan Martin, Brad Raider, Kimberly McCullough, Chris Heuisler, Nick Daley

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country: USA

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