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Drama, Musical
2h 40m
The real life of one of America's foremost founding fathers and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Filmed live on Broadway from the Richard Rodgers Theatre with the original Broadway cast.
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While this might not exactly be the same as seeing this Broadway smash live-in-person, since I was never actually going to do that, this was a nice chance to finally see the musical and find out if it was just over-hyped 'cool' history teacher raps, or what exactly. Oddly, despite slightly wanting to turn it off after like 30 minutes, I've watched it like 3 times now...but like "watched" it, while I folded laundry and did chores and stuff, I think I might just really like the soundtrack/music...
Was hoping it was over half way through and couldn't finish it. Let me know if it's worth sitting through. Any time the lead was in shot all I could think was how much he looks like a bad magician. Maybe it's better as a broadway show for that reason. I'll take my contacts out and squint next time. The music was so repetitive, but not in the usual catchy song kind of way. I just wanted it to be over.
Whatever criticism you might have, it's important to remember that this is a Broadway musical - not a political treatise nor a historical textbook. And as a musical, it's a great success. The music is fun, memorable, and expertly crafted to fit the narrative, which itself is quite well developed. The Disney release probably isn't the best way to experience Hamilton - bleeping the swears is fucking stupid and I'd prefer the camerawork to be more invisible - but it's a great time nonetheless.
Rap is an effective way to impart a bunch of information in a quick and entertaining fashion. Miranda, who barely has any voice to speak of, clearly plays the lead because he wrote the play. And his lyrics are impressive. For me, Soo and Goldsberry are the MVPs, the latter's vocals on "Satisfied" and "It's Quiet Uptown" (the tracks relaying some of the most salient parts of the story) being two of the musical highlights.
There are many things to say about Hamilton's flaws as a political and historical work. But. As a character piece, Hamilton is gorgeous, stunning and flawless. It's a Greek tragedy where every character is utterly sympathetic even as they're destroying themself, where concepts like "leaving a legacy" and "standing up for oneself" are shown as worthy only when you can let go of the toxic masculinity infesting them - and if you can't, you ruin the lives of others and one's own. Magnificent.
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