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Hell Bent

Featuring Carey as his popular Cheyenne Harry hero. From the Plains, Harry rides into the disorderly western town of Rawhide, where he makes an immediate friend in Cimmaron Bill (Duke Lee). Harry then falls for dance-hall girl Bess (Neva Gerber), an upstanding woman forced into this particular line of work by a series of dire circumstances.
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One of those quality silent westerns combining the likable personality of Harry Carey and the cinematic eye of John Ford! This is not a epic western from John Ford, but a quick potboiler from the master. While it's a fast 50 minute long, it's packed with action and different scenarios, making it a entertaining and thrilling experience which is over far too quick. Real enjoyable with everything from drunken bar howling, midnight robbery to desert drama.
Avg Percentile 51.41% from 19 total ratings

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Director: John_FordJohn Ford
Genre: Western
Runtime: 50m
Language: English
Country: USA

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