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Hon dansade en sommar ()

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Student Göran is vacationing on his uncle's farm. On the first day he meets the 17-year old Kerstin, who lives on a farm nearby. The young people in the area are trying to organize a youth club. The priest refuses to help them but Göran's uncle let them use an old barn of his. Göran and Kerstin fall in love with each other, but neither Kerstin's relatives or Göran's father gives their consent to the relationship. (imdb)

Genres: Romance, Drama

AKA: One Summer of Happiness

Country: Sweden

Directed By: Arne Mattsson

Written By: Volodja Semitjov, Per Olof Ekström

Starring: Ulla Jacobsson, Folke Sundquist, Erik Hell, Irma Christenson, Edvin Adolphson, John Elfström