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I Don't Want to Sleep Alone ()

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Hsaio-Kang (Kang-sheng Lee) is beaten up by street hustlers and is carried back to a abandoned half-completed building, home to the homeless and downtrodden, by a group of Bangladeshi men. There he is meticulously, even lovingly, brought back to health by Rawang (Norman Bin Atun), where they share a salvaged, stained flea-ridden mattress... (IMDB Comments)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

AKA: Hei yan quan

Country: Austria, China, France, Malaysia, Taiwan

Directed By: Ming-liang Tsai

Written By: Ming-liang Tsai

Starring: Kang-sheng Lee, Shiang-chyi Chen, Norman Atun, Norman Bin Atun, Pearlly Chua

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