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It's a Great Life

Romance, Comedy
1h 33m
Casey and Babe are sisters who work in a department store and each year the store puts on a show. As expected, things are going wrong with every act until Casey comes out to help Babe with her song. They are a hit, but in the final act, Casey again comes out and this time the president sees her act and fires both her and Babe on the spot. Benny is able to book Casey, Babe and Dean into Vaudeville and their act is popular. (imdb)
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We weren't able to find any streaming offers for It's a Great Life
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This gives the almost incestuous Duncan Sisters a chance to be loud. They'd done a couple of silents together, but this was their only sound feature. They even gave them the Technicolor treatment! Not even that managed to take advantage of the Duncan Sisters' stage popularity. I guess they got lost among the other 1000 vaudeville movies made at the time. With that said this is a interesting curio even with it's flaws and direct rip-offs of their stage act trying to create a story out of it.
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