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I've Got to Sing a Torch Song () Short Film

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Blackout gags and music, including the title song originated in the movie musical Gold Diggers of 1933. Hollywood figures caricatured include Tallulah Bankhead, Joan Blondell, James Cagney, Bing Crosby, Guy Kibbee, Zasu Pitts, Mae West, Bert Wheeler and Bob Woolsey, Ed Wynn, George Bernard Shaw, Mussolini, Ben Bernie, The Boswell Sisters and Greta Garbo, who does the "Dat's all, folks!".

Genres: Comedy, Family/Kids, Animation

Country: USA

Directed By: Tom Palmer

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Date User Score
Feb 10 patrickped patrickped
70 52%
Dec 20, 2017 Systematicer
50 26%
Nov 04, 2017 hotsake hotsake
33 12%
This one just kind of fell flat.
Jul 22, 2017 Mr_Saturn Mr. Saturn
82 55%
Mar 07, 2017 vildanden vildanden
20 5%
Jul 05, 2015 Cronos
50 41%
Jan 04, 2015 janus
75 63%
This one is on the unusual side. Obviously the racism is an unpleasant element, and it's not the best example of this type of short, but it has a flow to it that's very nice.
Aug 19, 2014 kyvetti kyvetti
50 23%
Jul 27, 2014 monoglot
50 30%
Dec 02, 2012 PUNQ
40 61%
Mar 29, 2012 Antares Antares
62 32%
The first of the Looney Tunes Hollywood caricatures cartoons. This one is very rough, and the vocal impersonations aren't very good. Their successive offerings in this genre of cartoon would be leaps and bounds better.
Sep 23, 2010 Mentaculus Mentaculus
45 19%
The caricatures are bizarre and must have been mean-spirited for its day.
Jul 26, 2010 manonwire Puya
40 16%
Jan 01, 2010 Stain Stain
70 54%
I always want to break out the flamethrower for a Looney Tune, especially one with racial stereotypes, but this one is actually watchable for the sheer weirdness value. Many parodies of popular figures of radio and motion pictures of the time, quite a few of which whizzed right over my head
Dec 14, 2009 imdb imdb
58 30%
Nov 22, 2009 Dorkovsky Dorkovsky
4 42%
Sep 07, 2009 chiphall72
28 2%
Jun 22, 2008 driscarpin driscarpin
49 30%
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