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Suspense/Thriller, Crime
1h 53m
A Policeman from Stockholm comes up to Norrland in Sweden, to join his brother, now when their parents are dead. While there he starts to work on a long-running case where deers have been poached and soon discovers that his brother is involved... (imdb)
Franchise: Jägarna
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Kjell Sundvall classic macho thriller is as high testosterone values ​​that it is laughable ståfräs for nearly two hours. But behind the rather stale women's views and idiot simple plot is an interesting depiction of the Swedish male role and cruelly beautiful natural images that still holds true. Swedish action movies were made before 1996, depictions of the northern parts of our country as well. But by River villager Kjell Sundvall in a very artfully and effectively connecting a
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Cast & Info

Director: Kjell Sundvall
Runtime: 1h 53m
Language: Swedish
Country: Sweden
AKA: The Hunters

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