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Kekexili: Mountain Patrol ()

Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
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Mountain Patrol: Kekexili is a film inspired by a people's remarkable mission surrounding the illegal Tibetan antelope poaching in the region of Kekexili, the largest animal reserve in China. The story is brought to the screen with great detail by director Lu Chuan. Set against the exquisite backdrop of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, Chuan tells the tale of brave local Tibetans who face death and starvation to save the endangered antelope herds from a band of ruthless hunters. (National Geographic World Films)

Cast and Information

Directed By: Chuan Lu

Written By: Chuan Lu

Starring: Duobuji, Ma Zhanlin, Zhang Lei, Qi Liang, Xueying Zhao

Genres: Drama, Action

Country: China, Hong Kong

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