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Kung Fu Girl ()

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The film is another Chinese vs. Japanese movie and is set during the early years of the Republic of China. Ying (Pei Pei) is a patriotic young woman who goes undercover to try and find out where a student revolutionary leader called Choi (James Tien) is being imprisoned. Coming up against the invading Japanese and their puppet government, she works her way into the favor of Lui, the Peking Bureau Chief of Security (Ou Wei) by pretending to be his long lost younger sister. (

Genres: Drama, Action

AKA: Attack of the Kung Fu Girls, None but the Brave, Tie wa

Country: Hong Kong

Directed By: Wei Lo

Written By: Wei Lo

Starring: Jackie Chan, Wah Yuen, Biao Yuen, Ching-Ying Lam, Pei-pei Cheng, Jô Shishido, James Tien, Ying-Chieh Han, Wei Lo, Wei Ou, Mi Tien, Fu-Chin Cheng