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Lawless Range ()

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John Middleton is investigating cattle rustling when he is captured and tossed into a cave with Emmett, a rancher who disappeared earlier. They help each other escape and learn that a local banker is trying to scare everyone away to grab up some secret gold mines. (imdb)

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Date User Score
May 01 Metalfist
50 17%
Nov 17, 2017 teaty666 teaty666
30 11%
Jan 09, 2014 MrBadcrumble MrBadcrumble
60 54%
Jun 03, 2013 PUNQ
20 17%
Lawless Range was made under the 'Lone Star' banner, but released by Republic Pictures as part of the assets in the merger. And that's why the quality of the film is of "good old" Robert N. Bradbury standard with "singing" John Wayne. I never knew John Wayne had such a fine dark singing voice. Ha ha ha.....
Oct 07, 2010 imdb imdb
52 19%
Oct 01, 2010 tyoda
10 4%
Aug 13, 2007 sweetsin0r sweetsin0r
80 70%
Feb 03, 2007 tinythedogg tinythedogg
30 14%