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Love, Simon ()

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Everyone deserves a great love story. But for Simon it's complicated: no-one knows he's gay and he doesn't know who the anonymous classmate is that he's fallen for online. Resolving both issues proves hilarious, scary and life-changing. (imdb)

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Date User Score
Apr 22 dtmac529
70 29%
Apr 22 ansser13
80 69%
Apr 22 ventura ventura
80 83%
Apr 22 Darko Vandelay1
67 64%
good movie
Apr 22 DBibby DBibby
80 65%
Apr 21 BMC06
84 56%
Apr 20 jovana
4 73%
Apr 19 Rafael Reis
74 25%
Apr 17 SageSledge SageSledge
90 82%
Apr 16 ANastase
75 23%
Apr 15 momothepeach momothepeach
88 90%
Apr 15 diez
90 80%
Apr 14 bafflegab bafflegab
85 83%
Apr 14 demasc
74 28%
Apr 13 luord luord
83 90%
Charming, funny and brilliantly acted, this is a coming of age movie to remember.
Apr 12 bdfolsom
60 40%
Apr 10 WBadger WBadger
55 55%
Apr 10 Luna6ix Luna6ix
74 41%
I went to this, dragged along by my daughter, she's 14, thinks she's gay, loves really crappy musicals. So, yeah, I was fully prepared to die a little on the inside watching this one. It's got all the stuff I expected and desperately hoped not to see, like a female best friend secretly in love with the gay guy, your obligatory drama club, and cringy public professions of love. But even with all of that, "Love, Simon" was handled and acted well enough that, for the life of me, I can't hate it.
Apr 10 bakcheia bakcheia
49 37%
Pros: Sweet; family friendly; mainstream film where a gay, biracial couple actually has a happy ending where they are visibly together. Cons: This film plays into a larger trend of chaste, outdated homonormativity that's all over Hollywood. It obscures Simon's queerness by consistently reminding us that he's "normal“, "tolerated", and “like everyone else", thereby making the target audience of this largely cis-hetero people so as to make them feel good for tolerating us abnormal queers.
Apr 10 atnmitch
70 48%
Apr 09 Shawn_Burke
88 86%
Apr 09 avgcrtckr avgcrtckr
70 87%
Apr 09 filmaffinity filmaffinity
68 73%
Apr 09 Aboostani
83 62%
Apr 09 laika laika
65 35%
I know it's bad to compare a film with its source as they are two different things but the book just did it so much better. Part of the appeal of the book that put it a cut above the average YA novel was the normality of the central character, the indie music references and the humour. Other than the fabulous drama teacher, the humour did not cross over into the film, and Simon's obsession with music was only lightly touched on. No classic but I appreciate what it's achieving for gay awareness.
Apr 08 siowafc
40 95%
Apr 08 Pxer
58 62%
Apr 08 Nathan Nathan
77 67%
Apr 06 ericambler
68 39%
The sweet-natured LOVE, SIMON strikes a winning balance between its status as a landmark in mainstream representation and its desire to tell a story about the romantic pitfalls of adolescence. While quite generic in execution--the movie even engages in a bit of meta-commentary on Simon's blandness--it's the perspective from which we see these familiar beats that give the film its unique shape. SIMON is the same, yet different, and that's a good thing for us and for the movies as a whole.
Apr 04 cowfrappe cowfrappe
56 25%
Gee, I wonder if the handsome white boy will eventually be accepted by his friends, family, and community when he comes out of the closet in this rote, over-manufactured, big-studio movie?
Apr 04 RoninMG7 RoninMG7
90 93%
Apr 03 FilmStar**
95 75%
Apr 02 gwadler1014 gwadler1014
98 85%
Apr 02 PatsLondon Pats_London
79 50%
Apr 01 PJH PJH
78 61%
Apr 01 blucthulhu
80 78%
Mar 31 areoharewhy
11 70%
Mar 31 clayj41 clayj41
79 73%
Mar 30 RTCritics
88 76%
Mar 30 jfen jfen
90 78%
I haven't seen something that felt so sappy by the end in awhile. Sappy's probably the wrong word because it was really genuine but whatever emotions.
Mar 27 chiphall72
77 69%
Mar 27 Syntheseizur Syntheseizur
68 24%
Replicates both the triumphs and follies of teen movie classics with fidelity. What credit it loses as a result of a hackneyed and not-especially-funny script (the bulk of the authentic comedy is performance-centric) it almost makes up for with its genuinely empathetic spirit. Unchallenging in form and not exactly bold in its messaging, Love, Simon nonetheless offers its target audience a much needed beacon of humanity and compassion, which is surely worth more than what I could put into words.
Mar 27 SnorlaxJones SnorlaxJones
77 81%
Mar 25 cgdbrd cgdbrd
86 59%
Mar 25 TheRealJ_Ro TheRealJ-Ro
80 69%
There are a lot -- and I mean a lot -- of "coming of age" movies. Most of them, unfortunately, fall into that murky territory called "okay to not very good". And then, there's "Love, Simon", which is a very good movie on its own, and almost a masterpiece compared to some of its direct siblings, if for no other reason than this: "Love, Simon" is so thoroughly believable, and even when it veers into the exaggerated, it's way too good to hold that against it. So far, it's among the year's best.
Mar 25 thebalkabaa thebalkabaa
85 92%
Mar 25 nickv nickv
64 48%
Mar 24 kgbelliveau kgbelliveau
90 81%
Love, Simon bravely takes on the challenges of coming out, the affects of high school and how black mail and bullying can drastically alter the course of someones life. The acting was top notch thanks to Robinson and Langford and the rest of the supporting cast. A very engaging film perhaps the only downfall was it dragged a bit near the end instead of wrapping things up a little quicker and more efficiently. A great film with a powerful message.
Mar 24 icarusXXIX
78 61%
Mar 23 klschneider
82 47%
Mar 23 drdutw drdutw
77 55%
Mar 22 forgopoulos forgopoulos
80 62%
Mar 20 MontyCircus MontyCircus
60 66%
Could have used some more comedy for me, and the vice principal character didn't work at all, but my theatre's audience reaction at the climax was pure ecstasy, and I'm happy to have experienced that. In terms of meaning, this is the "Black Panther" of the year for the underserved LGBTQ community.
Mar 18 RottenT
91 77%
Mar 18 kmb43xgame
90 47%
Mar 17 ldpfilm ldpfilm
78 62%
Mar 17 heapshake heapshake
80 84%
I am a middle aged married guy so I'm probably not the target audience for this. This movie has quite a few flaws. I find it hard to believe that this is the average high school experience. Simon's family, bedroom and friends all seem to good to be true. The bullies seem over the top and I didn't think the emails showed what Simon sees. But the film overcomes these flaws with some good performances & a light straight forward story.
Mar 17 Devilishmess
6 41%
Mar 17 VengefulKBM VengefulKBM
70 51%
A cute, sweet, genuinely funny coming-out story with a great lead performance by up-and-comer Nick Robinson. It's very predictable, sure, but it's good enough that I'd still recommend it to anybody who's not a raging homophobe.
Mar 17 ecalder ecalder
72 80%
Mar 17 jerfairall jerfairall
65 40%
Mar 16 Reavic
50 42%
Mar 16 MetaCritic2 MetaCritic2
72 71%
Mar 15 Tizzy Tizzy
80 72%
Mar 14 EricDSnider2 EricDSnider2
85 64%
Mar 14 RavynLoony RavynLoony
70 80%
Mar 13 sacmersault sacmersault
62 25%
Mar 10 CStuckmann CStuckmann
92 74%
Mar 09 filmcricket
78 87%
Mar 06 crtsjffrsn
100 98%
Feb 26 daniiel85
8 0%
Feb 21 thorn969
71 71%
I saw this movie at a critics preview screening. I didn't go in with much expectations and I left really wanting to read the book and see more of the story. It is definitely young adult and has some flaws, but it was genuinely really funny and cute and sweet. It doesn't have the depth of Call Me By Your Name, but it gives a similar message much more clearly and accessibly.
Feb 15 Matthew_Parkinson Matthew Parkinson (CineMarter)
55 54%
It's decent. It has a couple of major problems that stop it from being great. The acting is good, there's just enough humor to give us an occasional chuckle, it's got a good heart--even if the execution might not be the best--and I do genuinely think it'll help some people who watch it. Representation matters, and if you see someone in a movie going through something you're dealing with, it can help you out. I wish Love, Simon were a great high school movie. [Full Review]
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