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Mister Buddwing

1h 40m
An amnesiac wanders the streets of Manhattan, trying to solve the mystery of who he is. (imdb)
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There was a lot of mystery and not much payoff in this, but I enjoyed it and thought it was well-made and interesting. Great music, stylish, and intriguing details, such as the cab driver in the beginning tells a story which later we see happen. There was a suggestion of universality and circular time. Reminded me of the comedy "After Hours" in a weird way, because it features a man on a quest interacting with a series of strange women.
James Garner wakes up in Central Park and can't remember who he is. Taking the name "Sam Buddwing", he starts on an odyssey to recover his past--leading him to several women (Katherine Ross, Suzanne Pleshette, and Jean Simmons), each of whom remind him of his lost wife. Garner is fairly miscast, and the script is all over the place, with weak psychology and a half-assed resolution, but Pleshette and Simmons are excellent, the score is strong and the cinematography gives the material some class.
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