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My Name Is Nobody ()

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Cardsharp Who-the-Hell (Cheung) travels to Shenzhen for his latest sting, fleecing $800,000 from a dimwitted mark (Lam Suet), with the help of his Uncle Lo (Wong). While celebrating their victory in a nightclub, Lo unknowingly hits on the girlfriend of local triad boss Tough Ho (Lung just knew he'd be in here somewhere, didn't you?) and only Who's impeccable skills save them from being chopped. (

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Crime

AKA: Du sheng wu ming xiao zi

Country: Hong Kong

Directed By: Aman Chang

Written By: Jing Wong

Starring: Suet Lam, Qi Shu, Nick Cheung, Jing Wong, Monica Chan, Do-Yu Lee, Chun Lai