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Nødlanding ()

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An American bomber is shot down on the Norwegian coast during World War II. The airmen bail out and land at different locations. In spite of the German search for them, the Norwegian resistance picks them up and hides them in the attic of the local church, a center of operations. Things become tense, however, when the hideout is spotted by a notorious collaborator, and soon the protagonist, Hans, has to get the airmen to Sweden.

Cast and Information

Directed By: Arne Skouen

Written By: Arne Skouen, Colbjörn Helander

Starring: Joachim Holst-Jensen, Henki Kolstad, Einar Vaage, Randi Kolstad, Jack Kennedy, Bjarne Andersen, John Robbins, Lee Payant, Jens Bolling, Lee Zimmer, Samuel Matlowsky, Chris Bugge

Genres: Drama, Crime, War

AKA: Emergency Landing

Country: Norway

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