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Lulu Monahan (Patsy Kelly), the press agent for John Barrymore (Himself),is attempting to get a sponsor for a radio program. To that end, she and the agent for bandleader Kay Kyser (Himself), plant a story that the great Shakespearean actor, over his heartfelt objections, will teach Kyser how to play Shakespeare, which isn't the same as playing Paducah, which soon becomes evident. Highlights are the singing of Ginny Simms and a rumba by Lupe Velez; lowlights already cited. (imdb)

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Dec 14, 2017 PUNQ
50 78%
A chronically drunk John Barrymore up-hamming himself, naive Southern bandleader Kay Kyser doing Sheakespear and Lupe Velez as a aggressive female bullfighter. So much fun for all the wrong reasons, which I guess why it was made in the first place. Might be seen as a sad farewell to John Barrymore, as it ended up being his last film passing away the following year, but I look at it him be a terribly good sport being ridiculed like that.
Feb 18, 2016 chair39
60 76%
Jun 30, 2014 Sheldrake Sheldrake
20 3%
Painful and embarassing. John Barrymore's Sextette.
Oct 04, 2011 imdb imdb
51 17%
Feb 01, 2010 billkerwin billkerwin
35 1%
Unspeakably bad. If you enjoy watching people die in car accidents, you'll love this performance of John Barrymore in the final stages of alcoholism. All that, and the Kay Kyser band too!