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Portland Exposé ()

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A tavern owner in Portland, Oregon gets involved in a struggle for power between two gangs attempting to control the unions. When his young daughter is attacked by one of the gangsters, he joins the faction fighting against the syndicate and gets important evidence via a tape recorder. He is discovered and he and his daughter are threatened but honest union men, come to his aid. (imdb)

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Date User Score
Dec 11, 2015 MichaelOKeef
60 39%
Apr 24, 2015 OldAle1
70 37%
Mar 01, 2015 bizarreeye bizarre_eye
60 35%
Jul 23, 2010 FitFortDanga MartinTeller
63 23%
Your standard "infiltrating the organization" noir, a la Loan Shark and the like. There's not a whole lot of finesse to this cheapie flick, the performances are pretty flat and the dialogue is nothing special, but it's got an intriguing layer of sleaze over it, including Frank "The Riddler" Gorshin as a creepy, leering pedo. There's a couple of other interesting touches (the acid, throwing Gorshin under a train) but mostly it's rather formulaic and forgettable.
Sep 02, 2009 imdb imdb
58 30%