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Rock the Casbah ()

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Laïla Marrakchi returns to the Festival with another lively family drama chronicling the foibles and hypocrisies of Morocco's middle class. (tiff.net)

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Mar 09, 2017 letterboxdvo letterboxdvo
31 35%
Jan 13, 2017 Panicbeach
30 11%
Dec 15, 2015 robot2xl robot2xl
72 19%
Feb 02, 2015 GVerheyen
5 12%
Jun 25, 2014 KasperL KasperL
55 40%
A solid cast just about manages to transcend one-dimensional characters. But the drama, including all kinds of "worthy" topics, comes off as too obviously written, and anybody with eyes in their head should be able to see what the plot is moving towards from the get-go. It's an easily watched picture with little else to truly recommend it.