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Show Boat

Romance, Drama
2h 27m
The film begins with Magnolia, daughter of Captain Andy Hawks and his domineering wife Parthy, enjoying her childhood aboard her father's show boat. Parthy, irritated over the supposed influence of leading lady Julie (Magnolia's idol and best friend) fires her, despite her husband's objections. Many years later, Magnolia is a young woman and becomes a leading lady. Her leading man is Gaylord Ravenal, a riverboat gambler with whom she falls in love and elopes. (imdb)
Franchise: Show Boat
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The original movie version of Show Boat. Most of this is silent, even the sound portion because a few of the sound discs are missing! So how was this as a viewing experience? A very varied 2 hours! No way the definite version of the stage play, but it's a solid first try. The best performance came from Emily Fitzroy as the strict old mother! What a face! Joseph Schildkraut was kinda bland in the silent portion, but came more alive for the sound sequences and was the one to make those watchable.
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