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The 'Human' Factor ()

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An electronics expert, George Kennedy, seeks revenge for the execution of his family by using computer mainframes. In doing so he uncovers an international terrorist plot which leads to a bloody conclusion.

Genres: Drama, Suspense/Thriller

AKA: The Human Factor

Country: UK

Directed By: Edward Dmytryk

Written By: Thomas Hunter, Peter Powell

Starring: John Mills, George Kennedy, Raf Vallone, Barry Sullivan, Rita Tushingham, Shane Rimmer

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Date User Score
Feb 02, 2017 filmcricket
29 9%
Jan 04, 2017 Buff
45 63%
Jul 04, 2016 Col_Needham
60 13%
Jan 23, 2014 TheDude1973 TheDude1973
50 11%
Jun 14, 2013 I_am_prowler I am prowler
50 25%
May 01, 2012 TheDiceman TheDiceman
50 33%
Passes the time.
Apr 17, 2009 imdb imdb
54 22%
Dec 21, 2008 ronthedog ronthedog
30 0%
Nothing to recommend this really. A distinctly below par revenge thriller that features no particular thrills in any area. It does manage a large amount of cliches, poor acting, and thinly veiled misogyny. Avoid unless you're a George Kennedy fan.