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The Nun II

Suspense/Thriller, Horror
Four years after the events at the Abbey of St. Carta, Sister Irene returns once again and comes face to face with the demonic force Valak, the Nun. (letterboxd)
Franchise: The Conjuring
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Insipid, uninspired bunch of nothing. The nun barely shows up throughout the movie and she barely moves or does anything at all. These conjuring movies (besides the first two) are so safe, so devoid of any artistic merit. This is the best example of the year for neutral, committee made horror cinema; drab.
I've liked most of this Conjuring franchise, but this was a major nose dive w/ only 1 exciting moment involving a goat. All of the other potential startles are directorially telegraphed. The actors are all above average & the characterization about as slim as most of the franchise, but nothing feels at stake until over half way in. It's a snooze until then w/ an attempt to draw suspense out of magazines. Feminist journals & Equity offices will have stuff to praise but that doesn't make it good
The Nun 2 is the best spin-off to come out of The Conjuring universe. I really liked that the atmosphere was created like a detective story based on religious legends and myths. The use of mystery, excitement and horror is well above the first film. I didn't expect it to be this enjoyable. It was actually quite surprising. (Cineverse Kanyon - 09/05/2023)
I like the connection to the Conjuring franchise. There is the Vera Farmiga line and the sister Taissa Farmiga line. Now I am pointing Vera and Taissa being real life sisters, not sisters in the storyline. I also kind of liked the visiting monster in the story but there was nothing more. The story was boring and not successful at all.
The purest definition of "yeah this is there all right". It's there. It's fine for what it is. It's better than the first one, so maybe by the time "Nun IV: Even Nun-nier" comes out, these might be enjoyable. That would be a fun twist: the whole Conjuring universe turns into a bad Rob Schneider-style sketch comedy franchise. That might give Schneider something to do other than pretend to be a political independent while spewing hard-right garbage on Twitter. Sorry, what were we talking about?
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