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There Goes My Heart ()

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Heiress Virginia Bruce tries to prove her worth by taking a job as a shopgirl in the store owned by her family. The pampered young lady is given a crash course in pragmatism by her worldly roommates Patsy Kelly and Nancy Carroll... (All Movie)

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Mar 12 RavynLoony RavynLoony
60 58%
Jul 13, 2014 flowing flowing
70 77%
Mar 22, 2014 PUNQ
50 78%
"My fugitive from a chain-store". The leads are Fredric March and Virginia Bruce. They were okay. Bruce was probable a little to straight, but she came from a strict background so it was within her character. March got to be more questionable which sometimes brought the laughs, but also he could have done more with his part. But while the comic timing isn't always the best, this one is filled with funny gags and worth ones time. This is also Nancy Carroll's final feature film.
Oct 31, 2007 Dally Dally
60 24%