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Timecop: The Berlin Decision () Direct-to-Video

Timecop: The Berlin Decision
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Sequel to the 1994 movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Set twenty years later,the TEC (Time Enforcement Commission) the agency that makes sure that no one travels into the past without permission and changes history, is still going strong. Now Brandon Miller a TEC operative, believes that they have a responsibility to change history hoping that the world will be better but Ryan Chan another Tec operative stops him but kills the woman he loves in the process... (imdb)

Cast and Information

Directed By: Steve Boyum

Written By: Mark Verheiden, Mike Richardson

Starring: John Beck, A.J. Buckley, Thomas Ian Griffith, Jason Scott Lee, Kenneth Choi, Mary Page Keller, Josh Hammond, Jeff Wolfe, Tava Smiley, Toshi Toda, Wen Yann Shih, Tricia Barry

Genres: Sci-fi, Action

Franchise: Timecop

AKA: Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision

Country: USA

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