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Tokyo gomi onna ()

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Miyuki, a waitress in a café in Tokyo develops an obsessive crush on grimy young rock musician Yoshinori. She takes to bringing in his garbage bags and rifling through his refuse. Collecting his smoked cigarette ends in a jar, cutting out pictures from discarded magazines, and wearing his shredded denim jacket - the ultimate trophy - in the privacy of her own room, she begins to identify with him through the by-products of his day to day existence. (

AKA: Tokyo Garbage Girl, Tokyo Trash Baby

Country: Japan

Directed By: Ryuichi Hiroki

Written By: Shôtarô Oikawa

Starring: Kou Shibasaki, Tomorowo Taguchi, Mami Nakamura, Masahiro Toda, Kazuma Suzuki, Sayuri Oyamada