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Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round ()

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Underworld king Lee Lother has been killed aboard a ocean liner, several people could have been the murderer. There is his mistress Anya Roysen, a married woman, who was jealous of his flirtations with his old moll, night club singer Sally Marsh, who had agreed for one last night with Lother, to get her younger brother Ned out of the Lother's clutches because he has faked Lother's name on a check to pay his gambling debts. (imdb)

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Jan 14, 2014 PUNQ
50 78%
A musical murder mystery on a cruise ship released through United Artists! The murder was a total fraud. The movie starts with it, then rewinds 48 hours with 85 minutes (of 90) with everything leading up to the killing, then uses two minutes without any suspense to clear it up. Nah, not one for the mystery fans. But maybe one for those enjoying the comedy musicals from that period with Busby Berkeley style numbers, a bunch of comedians & romance between Gene Raymond and puppy eyes Nancy Carroll.