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by by Devol
Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:57 pm
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Topic: funniest movie scenes
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funniest movie scenes

ok - seriously?
absolutely nowhere in this forum is there a funniest scenes thread?
There has to be.
I tried a forum search for “funniest film moments”, “funniest scenes” and figured ok that’s good enough - if that’s not gonna cover it……so…..anyway -

Eraserhead - Henry having dinner with his girlfriend’s parents

Man Bites Dog - another dinner scene - protagonist shoots dinner guest in head for getting giggly and jiggy with protagonist’s ex, and the resulting shot of everyone sitting around the table, blood-spattered, as the protagonist (in a neckbrace) resumes with another forkful of venison, and sip of wine: priceless.

M.P. and H. Grail - killer rabbit

Royal Tennenbaums - tennis pro sibling coming unhinged on court

Boogie Nights - the rock recording. Funny on more than one level. Also - to sing off-key like that, so consistently, is kinda tricky, actually.

Eating Raoul - Ed Begley Jr. as psychedelic hipster daddy trying to make his moves on Mary Woronov.

Blue Velvet - Isabella Rossellini’s naked introduction to Laura Dern and family. (as she looks dazedly at Laura: “he put his disease in me.”)

Nuts in May - whole thing

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore - kid (who could be funny as shit in this sometimes) trying to console Ellen Burstyn, and then - with a convincing, impovised-looking impulsiveness - they end up in a no-holds-barred waterfight

Frenzy - whenever the detective was trying to eat a meal.

Lost in America - Albert Brooks trying to convince Garry Marshall (as casino owner) if he could find it in his heart to refund Brooks’s losses.
Fucking classic.

Rollerball 75 - incredibly gross cocktail party and then spilling outside, as they fireball a lone tree.

King of Comedy - De Niro interviewing cardboard cut-outs of Liza Minelli and friends in his mom’s basement. And Sarah Bernhart’s romantic evening with a securely-taped-up Jerry Lewis. And Pipkin’s stand-up routine at the end.

Happy Gilmour - Sandler vs. Barker

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia - driving along, Oates delusionally barks away at the severed head in a gunny sack on the front seat next to him. (making this, far and away, the most twisted “buddy” film in the entire history of cinema, I’ll proudly proclaim) (good luck trying to come up with a more fucked-up buddy flick)

queue Denizen schooling me with archaeological thread recovery in 3.……2.…….1.…….