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by Maaxwell
Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:02 pm
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Topic: Favorite Mini-Reviews
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Re: Favorite Mini-Reviews

Favourites I've come across recently:

spleen: Tin Cup -- "What a disappointment when I realized Kevin Costner wasn't being coerced by James Earl Jones into building a golf course. "

Kojiless: Suburban Commando -- "With Arnold, we forgive his inability to remember lines longer than 4 words because he is a cuddly muscleman with a cool accent from lands tramontane. Hulk Hogan's just a retard."

paulofilmo: The Birds -- "I, for one, welcome our new winged overlords."

BeeDub: Boat Trip -- "Cuba, the Academy called. Bad news, buddy."

BillyShears: Men in Black -- "Got that Neurolizer thing in a Burger King happy meal and totally forgot how to make friends."

Archeologian: West Side Story -- "Once you've seen Xanadu, there's just no going back to this vanilla shite."