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by prowler
Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:11 pm
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Topic: Getting to know you better
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Re: Getting to know you better

hmm now why did i miss this the first time?

How old are you? 25
What is your gender? male
Which fictional characters represent you the most? Jess from gilmore girls (although jess wouldn't watch gilmore girls, would he!)
Where were you born bucharest
Describe your personality? i have high standards for everyone but myself
What are your religious beliefs don't have any
What is your sexual orientation? straight
Are you left-handed or right-handed? left
Hair/eye colour? black/brown
Do you believe in love? love is nice, sure
Are you crazy? no
Which famous person do I most want to sleep with: had a crush on natalie imbruglia as a kid, so i'll go with her
What about from the other gender? the corpse of michael jackson
Which famous director would you sleep with? julie delpy maybe
Which famous person would you murder? osama bin laden hell yeah
What do you like most about yourself? curiosity
What do you hate most about yourself? laziness
How often do you shower? 3-4 times a week
How often do you cry? i'm too self-conscious to cry
What are you afraid of? embarrassment
What makes you laugh? top cat
Do you drink alcohol? yes
Do you or have you ever smoked? no... i've only had hookah and a negligible amount of pot
Do you or have you ever done drugs? nope
Have you ever shoplifted? no but i used to drink chocolate milk and put the empty carton back
How often do you willingly leave your house? 3-4 times a week
Do you want to get married? yep
Do you want children? ya
How do you want to die? i don't