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by hotsake
Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:36 am
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Topic: For A Few Bullets
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For A Few Bullets

All of the backgrounds look really fake, a cross between bad CGI and cheap cardboard looking buildings. The movie is mostly boring and full of unfunny jokes and humor. This movie tried and failed to be a mix of Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan and the Indiana Jones films. The little girl in the movie was by far the best actor. There is also an inordinate amount over scene with women abusing men spread throughout the film for "humor". There were still some fun scenes and Shi Yan Fei who played one of the main villains was gleefully over the top. About an hour into the movie there is a big character reveal that makes no sense and has no bearing on the film or story at least until the lame villain reveal which cause the hero to have his obligated moral dilemma before proving that yes he is indeed a hero.

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