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by Stewball
Mon May 06, 2013 2:23 pm
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Topic: You're making a movie...
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Re: You're making a movie...

Jupiter Rising
A modern, graphically erotic, philosophical love story, with plentiful on and off screen music.

Director: The Coen Brothers
Jupiter: Colin Farrell
Juno: Madonna
Venus: Anna Kendrick
Diana: Uma Thurman
Minerva: Mila Kunis
Apollo/Mercury combo: Bradley Cooper
Philosopher/computer whiz/Oracle/down to earth mortal: Emma Stone
Pluto (Hades): Wesley Snipes
Frequent cameos such as George Clooney chained to the Prudential Building while buzzards eat his liver, and Jodie Foster as a down on her luck prostitute in the tenderloin district.

Movie opens using requiem footage from Evita where Juno, queen of the gods, lies in state in a transparent coffin, having tragically taken her own life--the only way a goddess can die. Jupiter's three surviving wives scheme and manipulate him to chose them to be Juno's successor. The maneuvering causes all hell (Hades/Pluto) to break loose in Olympus (the California equivalent of Rome, San Francisco), causing Jupiter to seek solace with a human woman, the Oracle of Silicon Valley. But when he gets there, she's cavorting in the shower with Apollo--causing all Hades to break loose there as well.

I checked to make sure there wasn't another movie of that title, and there is Jupiter Ascending (2014), directed by the Wachowski Siblings :roll: , with the following plot line: In a universe where humans are near the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, a young Russian immigrant janitor who cleans toilets for a living (Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones), possesses the same perfect genetic makeup as the Queen of the Universe, thus posing a threat to her rule. Channing Tatum is sent to assassinate her but falls in love with her instead. This sounds as interesting as mine so we're in talks to release them in tandem.