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by Stewball
Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:24 am
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Topic: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

My reticent decision to see this movie was as complicated as it was for the journalist who was assigned to do a 400 word puff piece on Mr. Rogers for Esquire. The article ended up being a 10,000 word cover story. But the movie focuses on their characters and nature of their friendship rather than their backgrounds, especially regarding the journalist whose name was changed for that reason. The drama is genuine. The scene in the subway, which I thought surely was made up, turns out to be factual.

Notable Fred Rogers quotes highlighted in the History vs. Hollywood article, which are also factual:
"I don't eat anything that had a mother."
"Fame is a four letter word."
And when Tom Hanks learned that he and Fred Rogers were 6th cousins with a common 5x gr. grandfather, he said, "It all comes together you see".
9/10 ... my-friend/

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