Reverse TCIs

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Reverse TCIs

Post by monclivie »

I just checked my reverse TCIs (premium feature) and it showed that i'm #11 TCI for someone with 3.0248 score, and out of all users for whom i'm one of #20 TCIs or higher, i haven't found even one from my top 2000, and only one with a score below 2. How is it possible? Could it be some error, statistical anomaly or i don't understand some details of how it works? I don't think i should be influencing recommendations of people if we have such a difference in opinions. My top 50 TCIs are below 1.5.

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Re: Reverse TCIs

Post by MTR »

Just a guess, but maybe they don't have enough rated titles in common? You have rated 4929 movies, that means you can only have TCI with people who have rated 429 movies that are on your list. On the other hand if someone rated only 300 movies, they can have you on their TCI list if you have 30 movies in common.

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Re: Reverse TCIs

Post by kritikos »

You can change the Films In Common Minimum (3-50%) value in your profile.

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