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Best dialogue-driven film you've seen?

For posts related to a specific film -- beware of spoilers o ye who dareth enter!
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Re: Best dialogue-driven film you've seen?

Postby paulofilmo » Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:06 pm

JimiAntiloop wrote:some were already mentioned
Waking Life
The Social Network.
When Nietzsche wept
A Dangerous Method
The Boss of it all
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset
Before Midnight

Le rayon vert [Rohmer]
A Summer's Tale [Rohmer]
Pauline at the Beach [Rohmer]

My Dinner with Andre
Sunset Limited
Reality XL
Café (2011)
I Heart Huckabees
Talk Radio
The Nines
Autumn Sonata [Bergman]
The Devil's Eye [Bergman]
The Virgin Spring [Bergman]
The Rite [Bergman]
From the Life of the Marionettes [Bergman]
The Seventh Seal [Bergman]
Through a Glass Darkly [Bergman]

I've read that the dialogue in Le Rayon Vert was mostly (if not almost entirely) improvised*. Perhaps that's why, but it all seems just so efficiently perfect.

*although maybe the lead contested this. it's confusing.

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