Great supporting actors who never get the lead

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Re: Great supporting actors who never get the lead

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Stewball wrote:
OK, how 'bout Holly Hunter & Helena Bonham Carter.

Sorry to pick up on a seven year old post but Holly Hunter and Helena Bonham Carter (both of whom I also love by the way!) have both had quite a lot of lead roles.

Just off the top of my head...

Hunter: Broadcast News, Raising Arizona, Miss Firecracker, Always, Once Around, The Piano, Copycat, Living Out Loud...

HBC: Lady Jane, A Room with a View, Howards End, The Wings of the Dove, Margaret's Museum, The Theory of Flight... (she was queen of the corset for some years!)

I'm sure there are other examples for both actresses.

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Re: Great supporting actors who never get the lead

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Shea Whigham seems overdue for something. Looking over his credits, it's really all bridesmaids. One of those new tuff noir guyz (Zahler, Saulnier, Macon Blair) should do something about that. He's also hilarious--see Vice Principals.

James Urbaniak, also incredibly funny and talented but perhaps too odd-looking for anyone but Hal Hartley to have put out front. I think my number one dream movie is him in a film about the last days of Andy Warhol.

Tracy Letts making his late-career leap to a-list character actor has been one of the more pleasant surprises of my adult moviegoing life. The Lovers proved he more than has the chops for a romantic lead, though playing opposite Debra Winger probably had something to do with that. (That movie has gotten better and better in my mind since I saw it, and I already liked it plenty then.) Nothing else lined up, unfortunately.

The Lovers also features the fabulous Melora Walters in memorable support. An actress with unusual qualities who has never really gotten the chance to show if they can be sustained for a whole movie.

I was going to say Carrie Preston but it looks like she's gotten top-billing in a few recent things that went virtually unseen. Not good enough!

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