The ten lowest-scoring directors

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Re: The ten lowest-scoring directors

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3-film minimum. Looks like Aronofsky didn't make it.

10. George Lucas 31.8
- Making this list is a truly impressive accomplishment considering how high I've ranked the 1st Star Wars Trilogy and 1st Raiders movie. Without the nostalgia goggles, he'd be probably be lower.

9. Todd Phillips 29.7

8. Ben Sharpsteen 29.7
- Had to look him up. Classic (mostly) Disney films.

7. Ishirô Honda 29.6
- Somewhat sad to see him here, but can't say it's wrong.

6. Zack Snyder 28
- Probably my most truly disliked director on this list, although I don't question his technical skill.

5. William Friedkin 27.3

4. Kinji Fukasaku 23.3

3. Shun'ya Itô 22.7
- Had to look him up. Female Prisoner Scorpion series.

2. Lilly/Lana Wachowski 16.7

1. Roland Emmerich 13

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