fiction movie about the evolution of life

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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fiction movie about the evolution of life

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And a very interesting movie, I remember the whole movie except their name, the movie starts with an image of planet earth 4 billion years ago, and a light being like a comet coming on the planet and like entering the planet, from there it starts showing life unfolding on the planet, after a few scenes from the planet's history, arrives today, where a huge floating object resembling a huge rock appears out of nowhere in a desert. the military goes there, I remember there is a scientist who calls her ex husband who is a very smart astronomer to help unravel what that object is and how to get into it before the military explodes the object. in the meantime he finds like a cave entrance on top of the object, but the entrance is kind of closed with rock, he studying the object observes some symbols near the entrance, analyzing the symbols he finds that these symbols are the representation of our solar system, he then discovers that to open the door he has to align the symbols with the current position of the planets, after he can open the door he and the scientist enter the object there is like an all-white infinite room where he finds the light being that appeared at the beginning of the movie and he somehow manages to communicate with him, he is taken like to a room where there is a big screen where the being shows him the whole history of evolution on earth, and he finds that whenever this object appears it's like to restart the planet generating a mass extinguishing event and that it will extinguish the human race, it tries to convince the being not to do that while the bombs clock is zeroing, the being shows all the wars and do not change your mind, when the bomb goes off the guy runs to hug his ex wife and says he loves her, the being absorbs the explosion and says that love is worth saving, the movie ends with the being leaving the earth and arriving on another planet
jja I've been watching for about 15 years now and I'm trying to find this movie help me please

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Re: fiction movie about the evolution of life

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