Name of (Irish?) Mob movie with 3 heads of crime family?

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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Name of (Irish?) Mob movie with 3 heads of crime family?

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I watched a gangster movie recently that had, I think, the following:

- I think it was filmed relatively recently - the video quality was better than 90's

- It was not The Irishman or Black Mass (I checked)

- I think it was set in semi-modern day? I think there were cellphones.

- I think one of the heads was an informant for the FBI to avoid going to jail?

- I think they mention "The Troubles", or at least, there's a line about "not wanting to go back to the bloody early years" or something

- I think they talk about car bombs at some point, but as a piece in the past

- I think there are 3 heads of crime families, I think they're Irish, and I think they're semi-retired, but all fighting each other, and eventually all either succeed at or try to kill each other by the end of the movie

- The (I think) main character has a study with some guns in it; I think a particular revolver (maybe a white handle?) is important for some reason and gets used at some point

- One of the heads of crime family is a lighter-skinned white-haired man, heavy set, and I think he's the crazy / angry one

- Maybe this wasn't a movie? Maybe it was a tv show?

I'm going nuts trying to remember what this was. I feel like Robert DeNiro was in it, but I've been through his IMDB and none of the titles look familiar / were it.

I've been through listacles of Irish mob movies, but again, nothing rang a bell.

Please help!

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