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Looking for 70s movie title

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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Looking for 70s movie title

Postby banycakes69 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 12:17 pm

In 1977 or 1978 probably the Fall, I saw a movie with my family that I can’t read the name of. It’s haunted me for years because all I remember is a scene and I want to rewatch the movie as an adult to see a different perspective. The scene I remember is a woman at a kitchen sink washing vegetables and she cuts herself. She then proceeds to either cut herself more or tear her skin creating more blood and gore. I think the movie had something to do with aliens or something supernatural. I remember Close Encounters was out about the same time. Does anyone who loves movies from this era know what it could be? It may be obscure.

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