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2 movies

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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2 movies

Postby MG1973 » Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:26 pm

I am going to give this a shot...Does anyone know the titles of these two movies?

One is from the 80's and it's a tv movie: A couple of small children live in a trailer park, mom and boyfriend are having sex and they lock the kids out of the trailer home. The kids want to go to the bathroom but the couple makes fun of them and doesn't let them in. They are later adopted by a couple who gives them bunnies for easter.

The other one is from the 80's: A mentally challenged woman works at factory (her brother drives her to and from work) and it goes out of business. She meets a mentally challenged man and gets romantically involved with him.

I remember seeing these movies when I was a kid and I am trying to find the titles for these movies. Google is no help.

Does anyone know the titles of these movies? Please and thanks.

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