2 low budget sci fi 90s movies

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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2 low budget sci fi 90s movies

Post by yoteca »

Hello everyone,

I had a flashback today about a few movies i saw on TV 20+ years ago.
I have very scarce memories from both so i apologise for the vague descriptions but i have to give it a shot.

The first was about a guy who woke up in some sort of facility and was trying to escape. I remember he was i some white gown, possibly with bandages on his head (not sure). The facility was painted white from what i recall. I also remember some yellow fluid maybe coming from him, like yellow blood, or he hit a table and spilled it from somewhere. I also remember some kind of forest/mountain terrain around the facility when he escapes in the end.

The second movie, i remember a scene or two, it was taking place in a museum with ancient animals. The good guy confronted the bad guy who i think had a magic amulet and one impaled the other on a taxidermy mastodont/mammoth’s tusk. The bad guy was wearing a trench coat and i think he had long hair. I think he was revived by the amulet. For some reason i remember he was played by the actor Brian Thompson but i looked through his filmography and didnt find this role. I think also there was an old lady and her lover - Augustus who were also antagonists..

If anyone has an idea about what these movies are i’d be glad to hear suggestions

Thank you

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Re: 2 low budget sci fi 90s movies

Post by ribcage »

Could that first one be The Fortress

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Re: 2 low budget sci fi 90s movies

Post by julesfmb »

The second one is most definitely Doctor Mordrid.
Saw it 2 days ago.

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