80’s or 90’s kids?? Horror movie?

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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80’s or 90’s kids?? Horror movie?

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Okay so I can’t even remember when I saw it. It was a very very long time ago. I was born in ‘97 and I can only vaguely remember 2 parts.

So I think there was 3 kids but could have been only 2, siblings, I know there was an older sister (blonde hair possibly) and a little bit younger brother, can’t remember age or gender for the third kid if there was one.
They seemed to be home alone?

I think they looked outside the window and saw their parents so one of them open the door and for some reason put their thumbs or finger in their eyes and they started to melt? Kids freaked out, shut the door.
That’s one part I remember.

The other is,
A massive hole opens up in the floor, next to a staircase. The kids run about half way up the staircase and I think they look at the hole.
I’m not sure if stuff was coming out of the hole or stuff was getting sucked into it.

At one point last year I was telling my sister about it and she made me feel like it was a dream I had. But it couldn’t have been. I remember the shitty 80’s or 90’s video quality.

I’ve been dying to know what this movie was for a few years now. I’d be eternally grateful to anyone who knows what this movie is.

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Re: 80’s or 90’s kids?? Horror movie?

Post by Lord-Xanthor »

Moment I see about the hole by stairs Im thinking The Gate. Several kids are playing with a book that is actually dark magic and open a gate way to another dimension and dont know how to close it. A hole opens by the stairs trying to pull them in and the little monsters that come out form into big monsters. It's called The Gate and it had a sequel too.

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