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Movie with the space/star/galactic/galaxy commandos/rangers/soldiers

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2022 12:29 pm
by arachna
I have been trying to find a movie for years. Here's what I remember of him. The action takes place in space. The movie starts with some cargo ship being attacked by a group of pirates or terrorists. The next scene is a huge space battleship smashing some sort of enemy space flotilla. The commander/captain or admiral of this ship is a woman in a white uniform. They are tasked with guarding some interspace ambassador and his attaché, but the ambassador is kidnapped by the same, shall we call them, terrorists from the opening scene before the warship can board him. The captain of the ship, the woman in the white uniform, orders her best team to rescue the ambassador. The leader of this team, I remember his name was Zach. They go and rescue only the attaché because the ambassador was taken to be used as a live bomb to destroy the interstellar parliament or council or whatever it was. From here I remember another scene when they were rescuing the attache, she knocked out one and said: Not bad for an attache. When the news was told to the captain, she tried to alert the council but was denied access so she literally flew the ship through the defense fleet of the planet the council was on. Anyway, they managed to foil the terrorist act, but in order to do so, one of these star commandos/rangers/soldiers killed himself. To kill the main terrorist, he had to shoot himself in the stomach to kill him while the terrorist was using him as a shield. I also remember the name of the terrorist's right-hand man, his name was Gunther. I rember other details too and can describe them if need it. The movie is from the 90s.