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Postby hotsake » Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:59 pm

First I just want to say that I wasn't too happy that I had to watch the English Dubbed version of this film. Yes this has it's share of flaws but in many way this is what gangster films are supposed to look like. It's nice to see films where some of the smugglers, gangster, racketeers, and mobsters are normal people trying to make ends meet and not just all just sadistic crazies. Now this doesn't make them nice guys or heroes but it does bring layers to the characters. The story is a fairly standard one especially for the time, where the old guard had to deal with the introduction and spread of drugs. I liked that the main protagonist wasn't perfect and that the action was a bit sloppy, hectic and dirty. In fact the whole movie has a dirty worn down feeling which adds to the atmosphere. I thought that how Fulci handled the nudity and violence was extremely well done, all the nudity served a purpose for the story and wasn't there just for fanservice. The violence escalated throughout the film and to show this the gore factor increased as the film went on. On the downside the film was a bit too long and there were a few dull patches. The acting well, this was a hard once since as I stated before, I could only find the English Dubbed version and I found some of the voices didn't match the character and some of the voice acting was questionable. I found this is be one of the better Fulci films which was a surprise since this is my first non horror/giallo Fulci film.

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