help me name that game

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help me name that game

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2D storytelling game with trippy music

Platform(s): Ubuntu (Linux) PC, possibly an in-webbrowser game

Genre: interactive narrative / storytelling, 2D sidescrolling

Estimated year of release: approx between 2009 and 2013

Graphics/art style: high realism 2D pixel art akin to Sword & Sworcery

Notable characters: I remember only the player character. A man / astronaut

Notable gameplay mechanics: starts off as a 2D sidescroller, but at some point the player character gets launched or jumps up into the sky and then moves left-right-up-down.

Other details:

The game begins in a house/interior space. You walk to the right as the narrative is presented, until you're outside with a sky above. Somehow you move up into the sky, don a spacesuit, and as I recall this is when the music starts. The music was some slow, relaxing lo-fi electronic stuff. Eventually you come upon planets/moons that you can land on, and I recall that on one there is a radio to interact with (I remember the sound of static).

I think I didn't finish this game. My memory of it may be from the first 10 minutes only.

This is most certainly a game that focuses on storytelling, narrative, not difficulty.

At the time I played this, I was also playing a lot of independent storytelling browser games about gender identity / dysphoria.

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