The Last of Us Part 2 Story Discussion

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The Last of Us Part 2 Story Discussion

Post by JSchlansky »

Not a lot of action on the game forums but here we go.
The online reaction to The Last of Us 2 has been insane.

It refuses to play anything safe and makes at least three massively bold story choices. There has been a crazy, blind hate-train around this game's story, a lot of it seeming to come from people who read the leaks but haven't played the game, but there is also plenty of fair points being made as well. It is not a game that gives players what they want and that will be an insurmountable point for many players.

I got together with a friend who hated the story and one who thought it was just okay to debate the merits of the storytelling, so I put most of my thoughts out in video form

I'm interested in hearing any insights and analysis into the game to continue the discussion.

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